Wednesday, 24 January 2007

I love snow!

I had a bit of a surprise this morning when I opened the door to the postman and realised that it had snowed! We rarely get it here so it was quite exciting.

I had a quick trip to the park first thing to take some photos before it disappeared but I would have preferred to have had people to photograph. Until I learn to use my camera properly, I just play a little with the settings and take pot luck on the results... they weren't too bad. I wish I could take better photographs and one day I will.

What do you wish you could do better? I'm sure I could make a good few scrapbook layouts on that topic. The answers might not be something you want to share but it's definitely something to think about. I'm going to do a photography course at some point so at least I am working on that one.

I'll leave you with a double layout that I made from photographs of our last real snowfall here - that was two years ago!

I like to take photographs of the little details but they don't make good layouts when used alone. To get over this I punched out snippets of the photographs and used them along the bottom of the page instead of embellishments - a cheap alternative and a great way to use more photos on your page. This was for a magazine project using a variety of punches and cutters. I hope you all get good snow photographs!

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Cara said...

gmad to see you blogging! I'm so jealous, everywhere has snow but us!!