Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Sydney Day One

I can't quite work out where my head is, one minute it feels completely mad that I am in Sydney with the girls and that I flew out here on my own, and another minute it feels so completely normal to be with these guys that it just feels like we have gone out for the day. Mad! Just feels too normal.

I wasn't feeling too jet lagged really, I was fine as when I arrived it was late evening so we went down to the bar to have a quick drink as we were making too much noise in the corridor squealing (no surprise there!) then luckily it was time for bed. I woke up really early the next day as I just couldn't sleep but I felt fine all day until last night really. We went for a free Sydney tour with our hostel so we walked the sights in about 3/4 hours but it was so, so hot that it just drained us. The harbour and everything else is amazing though and we will go back to do all of it properly. Got a few of my first photos of us all too, madness.

Then last night we went out with Katie and Graham's friend who lives here and he took us to a pub then we ended up in Chinatown, no complaining from me there! But the glass or two of wine really pushed me over the edge and the jet lag set in, so much that I almost fell asleep at the table! We headed back and I literally just flopped into bed and didnt know anything else til this morning.

I'm enjoying being away with the girls but as I said, just feels so normal. The first morning I woke up (i was on top bunk) I just kept looking over to see if the others were awake and waving haha.

More soon... still can't upload those videos they are far too large! But I will keep trying as they are brilliant. Will add photos when I can work out how on this computer...



Anonymous said...

I love the photos jenny, keep adding more i just want to soak up your trip in every detail, and now i feel jelous and i want to be with you as its miserable weather here and you are saying its too hot there. Love you. Susan.

Lauren said...

Hi Jen,
Glad you're having a fabulous time & no wonder you flaked out at dinner!
Love the photos and desperate to see the video clips when you're home.

Hugs all round!

Rach said...

Haha well done Jen! Can't wait to see the video and am loving your photos

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you're settling into the travelling life well again, photos are great to see! Have fun hun! Nic xx