Friday, 2 November 2007

We are going to the zoo....zoo.....zoo....

We have crammed quite a lot into a few days in Sydney so far so I'm pretty tired still, am going to blame that on the jet lag the whole way through I think! Though I haven't had another episode where I nearly fell asleep in my dinner, yet. (Nic - you would be laughing at me like in Eygpt, any bus travel time is sleep time again!)
Someone recommended the zoo to us so we had a little trip there on Wednesday. We had to go to the harbour and get a ferry across which was fun, the views of Sydney harbour are amazing. It was a good zoo and had alot to look at so we were pretty tired by the end at the first half of the day was pretty hot.

That evening we had a lovely night out on Stacey's work so thanks to them! Stacey had a voucher for a gorgeous bar that overlooked Bondi Beach so we did it in true classy backpacker style, dressed ourselves up, had a pot noodle for dinner and then got the bus there haha! But our bus driver forgot to tell us where to get off so there we were, all sitting at the back of the bus in the suburbs somewhere chatting to the driver while he had his necessary ten minute driving break, before he drove back like a nutter feeling guilty that he had forgotten to tell us to get off! The bar was lovely and we had some champagne too, and our friend Wendy came with us who is sharing our room.

The next day was another tiring one but really good fun. We went to Blue Mountains which was about an hour out on the bus, but we were on an organised tour for that one. First stop was a little area where we saw Kangeroos.
Our guide, Bill, was very funny and took us on some great walks and the views were stunning. (Dad you would have loved the views!). He got us to have a go with some war paint on our faces and drawing a little story onto bark, which Katie won for the best story and got a free ice cream! Hoorah. That was my little bit of creativity to top me up for a while. We had walked down so then got the steepest train in the world, apparently, back up to the top.
It was fairly late when we got back and so we got ready and met a friend of Julie's for some drinks last night which was nice. Stace has another cold so is feeling a bit rough but we are hoping we won't all keep passing it between us. Our hostel is pretty good, it is a huge city one and we have a room of 6 so fairly small with a shared bathroom for the whole floor I think, but it is clean which is all that matters! We have been good and although eaten out a bit have been shopping today to get more soup and pasta for some cheap lunches and dinner so its all good. We were supposed to do a beach walk with our hostel today but it is raining too much so we have given that a miss.

That's about it for now, will add some more photos on here but the video files are far too large to get onto a blog so you will have to wait til we are home for those, sorry! Hope everyone is good anyway.



Anonymous said...

Haha, oh the memories of Egypt! lol You must be really jetlagged Jen, im well impressed how much you've been doing since you got there, i would have been shattered!! Am loving the photographs!!! The zoo looks fun and the view pics are stunning! Glad you're all having a great time, keep us updated!! Luv Nic xx

Lauren said...

HI Jen, thanks for the update - we're all relying on you now to keep us posted!
Sounds like a fab time, your pictures are cool.
Big hellos to everyone from me. I'll send a big email after the weekend.

Anonymous said...

shame about the rain but at least you have got a lot done so far already. sounds like a bril time.

Rach said...

Love the pics!! That koala is sooo gorgeous


Anonymous said...

The bus ride sounds just like a typical day in England for me! Ha ha I did laugh
Mike thought the picture of the kangaroo was great! We off out to the Indian tonight for dinner. Tia is just putting on her make up.
Have fun Tracey x