Friday, 4 April 2008

Then surprising Julie...

You may want to almost mute this one haha

So, the girls had met Julie earlier, been out for dinner and were back already. Julie was upstairs supposedly in bed as her jet lag was kicking in, but as we went up to our floor (I'd secretly re-booked my bed in their dorm without them knowing) we found her on the phone to James so I had to jump back and hide. Poor James, needed to see an ear specialist after this...

It was actually even more fun having two surprises instead of the one and they are both so different. The girls sat there stunned and not saying much, Julie did the complete opposite.

Fun times.

When can I do it again next?

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Jules said...

These are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! It's brought tears to my eyes! Knowing how loud they were I watched with the volume right down so I can't really hear all the funny comments. Can't wait to watch them at home! I want to show everyone, Mum will love it!
Well done for getting on here finally. Oh bring back Oz!!!