Monday, 31 August 2009

Cupcake bonanza

I think cupcakes are a little addictive - it's taken me years to get around to baking them, and now I've started I just want to keep making more! I do think its all related to being creative, that kind of like doesn't just end with paper and card but extends into all kinds of other areas too.

I spent a day at Blake House Craft Centre today which was really good fun - a good day out if you want somewhere that's not too exhausting but enough to do. It's a bit like Barleylands Craft Village if you have ever been there in Essex too, but this one is in Braintree. It has a maize maze which was fun, crazy golf, a tea room and lots of little shops, some crafty, some furniture etc. It's a nice afternoon out and we had good weather too.

So anyway, back to the cupcakes, these were some I made for my friend who only recently gave birth to a lovely little girl - these were the mummy treat to go with the baby presents!

I used a piping bag again and different nozzles, with some sprinkles. The nurses actually couldn't believe that I made them - that's a compliment!

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