Monday, 11 January 2010


Not only do I love making cupcakes, but I've loved creating with images of them too. I've been busy celebrating my birthday and using lots of new Stampin' Up goodies! I've taken first inspiration from Monica (here) and made some birthday cards in an alternative colour scheme. These actually haven't turned out as good as I'd of hoped, but I was not at home making them so only had a limited supply I could use. They still look nice enough! Monica's look lovely, she made them in bright blue.
I'm off to Kenya with the charity that I work for this year so I'm making and selling some cards towards the cost of that, hence why you will see at least six of every card soon - the quickest way to make the most!
My next post should include a birthday card made for me by a special someone - and I have to say I was super impressed! Stereo-typing I know, but who thought men can't make cards?!?

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