Monday, 18 January 2010

Peace and tranquility

This beautiful little cottage is where I was whisked away to last weekend for my birthday, and I had a lovely time! It was a surprise so when we arrived, I thought how much it was like the little cottage in 'The Holiday' film. It was very romantic and a treat to be in the countryside.

It is in Suffolk and is very traditional and cute, with a real log fire. A lovely touch was that the owners bake a fresh cake and leave it on the table to have with tea, and leave you a breakfast basket filled with gorgeous goodies so you have all you need for the morning! Just lovely.

And from the very same person who whisked me away, came this...

Isn't it good for a male card that was actually hand-made? Not to say that men can't make cards of course, just that most usually don't! I have to say I was very impressed. Even if it did mean someone else got to use my new ribbon and Stampin' Up stamps before me! (They were inside, which you can't see). I can only apologise for the really bad photography, I know it's not as pretty to look at, but I never seem to be around at home to photograph things in the daylight.

Now, just contemplating what else I was going to write on my blog today, I'm shocked to say that it was a year ago I said I'd be having an overhaul of my craft materials and shipping some out on ebay! I am shocked. It took me most of the year to have the clear out, but that I did, and now I have a cupboard (rather large), full of things I need to get rid of as I simply **DO NOT** need them. I know that is a crime to admit, but as crafting is now only a hobby for me, I cannot justify keeping so much that I probably will never use. Some I'm giving away, where I know it is going to a good home.

So taking inspiration from Kirsty here, I might put some books up here soon!

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