Thursday, 29 April 2010

Colouring in images

So it seems the plain classic cards were favourites - the felt heart, the black and white card and the deep red oval design being the favourites with most people - the latter which was chosen for the invites! I need to make a design incorporating silver into it now for the final version.

Anyway, I need a little bit of help from you expert stampers! I've been crafting for years but have always shyed away from stamping until recently, when I became drawn into the world of Stampin' Up products! Well, I've used odd stamps here and there in projects but never with any particular techniques in mind. I always used to admire the SU adverts in the American magazines but never took any notice of them too much as they weren't available in the UK back then.
I also love the ease of Pink Petticoat products (and their inspirational website designs!) and while I never thought I'd be into the digital side of crafting, like many I'm finding it more and more suitable. Images that are like stamped but can be printed over and over without the mess? Brilliant! With lots of people around me having babies, I really wanted an image for a card to congratulate them, without forking out alot on a stamp that I wouldn't get much use from, but to still have one I could use time and again when the need arose. So I brought myself this lovely digital download recently, but I'm having trouble colouring it in! **Any tips?** See the face and hair of this top image and the pink frill. The last tip of buying the stamp-a-ma-jig was great and has been really useful so I'm hoping for more great tips.
I can colour in with watercolour pencils, lightly with the pencil and slightly blending with water too but i'm not brilliant (though I admire the people that do the shading very well!). And I was also lucky enough to win a fantastic prize recently from Monica at Stampin' Up! of an entire pack of the SU colouring pens, so I've attempted using these pens direct and this works fab (top one), but when adding water to try to do the shading for the faces on these stamps, or a subtle dress colour as below, it's blending outside of the areas I want it! Am I just using too much water? I've ruined a few - as you can see! - so thought I'd ask for some advice as this is always an area i've avoided learning before! Any help appreciated...

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Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Hi - I don't think it will be using too much water causing this, using too much water is more likely to make your base buckle. Blending colour downwards and not across might help and make sure that the tip of your blending brush is ultra thin with no straggly bits so you have better control. Hope this helps a little - Michelle