Monday, 9 August 2010

My craft space - ribbon storage

We all enjoy a little nose at other people's craft spaces don't we? I'm not sure what it is, but curiosity is a funny thing and it's great to see where other people work and what they have around them. This I have shared before, but it's newly tidied with an additional piece of storage so I thought I'd share it again.

I needed some new stoage for my Stampin' Up! ribbons as I have a tonne of ribbon, but none of it has been on reels until I started to fall in love with Stampin' Up! ribbons. I had my eye on a lovely little storage unit for ribbons but it was £25, another expense I just didn't need right now for my crafts so I had a look in Ikea for something alternative. And I found this little bargain:

You have to buy the bar, the two buckets and the double shelf item all separately but it still only cost me about £10 or something similar, and the reels of ribbons sit perfectly on the shelves, top and bottom, all sizes of the spools, so it was perfect!

I already had Ikea shelves above my desk which contain wicker baskets with my other stamps, chipboard etc in and then I have a rotating basket to my right with my tools in, and a box to the left with all my adhesives, craft knife etc that I need to hand.

Below my desk shows that I'm fairly restricted to space in my corner but I have a set of the six 12x12 plastic boxes in the storage unit, and some plastic drawers to the right. My Stampin' Up! stamps and ink pads are currently in plastic boxes under my desk, until I think of something better to do with them! What is your space like?

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