Thursday, 30 June 2011

Charity Summer Ball

One of the things that has kept me so busy recently is organising a charity summer ball for the charity that I work for. It was a huge successful - and a huge amount of work! The creative part was fun though as a colleague and I laid and dressed 14 tables for 160 people!

These candles were beautifully decorated by someone else but aren't they pretty? So sophisticated.

And we laid ivy and sparkly confetti all around the candles. It really was like organising a wedding! We were very pleased with the outcome - the ball was a huge success, we raised lots of money and as well as everything else we did, the marquee looked stunning. Wahoo to us!

And this makes me realise that considering I am planning our wedding right now - I havent shared a single creative idea with you yet! I may be back with plenty!


mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

All looks wonderful Jenny, I'm glad it was a success, well done, Gay xxx

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Jenny, love the simple but very effective ivy, works really well, I'm looking forward to seeing your crafty makes, Gay xxx