Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Baby Girl card

Here's a CASE (copy and share everything) of a new baby girl card - you will have no doubt seen these circulating the internet for a while now so it's hard to credit the original person. I sat and made this lovely detailed card, we wrote in, then I was told, "I did think it was a bit strange you've made us a pink card to give though.". It was a new baby boy!!!! So, next post will be a boy version which I promptly then had to make haha!

I'm running short of time at the moment so I might just try posting my photos of cards even if I can't give you a good description. Made using a stamp set from Stampin' Up of course and all the inks and coordinating ribbons etc too.

Made a long wish list from the new catalogue yet? I'll be doing my Christmas wish list service again this year so if you want to send me your wish lists then get your loved ones to contact me - I can arrange for them to buy you lovely SU products for the festive season, what more could a girl want ;o)

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Anonymous said...

Very cute, love the little monkey xx