Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Rottest Island

When I came to stay with Pauline and Neil last time with my mum, we visited Rottnest Island and I had been telling the girls how lovely it was - my memories did not disappoint me! It is just so gorgeous, the only place that has rivaled the beaches for me so far is Whitehaven Bay at the Whitsunday Islands. It is just beautiful.

We hired bikes for the day and met Julie and James over there - we spent the day cycling around the bays a little, having a swin (in the freezing waters!) and a little lay on the beach.

The strange little creatures here are called Quokka's and I think they are like half kangeroo and half rat haha.

I can't believe that we are leaving Pauline and Neil's today. Last night we went over to Julie's relatives for a bbq which was lovely, and then we came back for our last eve at Pauline and Neil's. I am really sad to leave as we have had a lovely time here. It is now onwards as Singapore is calling for a few days then home!


Rach said...

What strange rat things!! cute but quite large by the looks of the pic, eeek.

Sounds like you all had a really relaxing and fun day, well done on the bike rides


Anonymous said...

This really made me miss the time we all went there Jenny and had a fantastic time, im glad you enjoyed this trip.