Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Wet through


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We have left Pauline and Neil's and arrived safely. It was really sad to leave them and I got a bit emotional!

We are staying in the most random place, it looks like a high rise council block from outside, yet the top floor, floor 25, is renovated into about five apartment rooms and it is really nice. Very strange!

It has not stopped pouring with rain all day though so you should not be too jealous of us. Deb and I got lost coming back from the tube station, got totally drenched through and then no cabs would stop for us and noone knew where our place was when we asked! Eventually we got a cabby to stop but it was a bit of a drama. We are supposed to off out tonight to Raffles hotel for a Singapore Sling! If we can make it to find a cab that is...


Anonymous said...

Shame it hasnt stopped raining for you, and those horrible cab drivers not letting you in their cabs.

Rach said...

Oh sweetheart! Sorry to hear you got lost. I got Stacey's text so know you all made it to Raffles.
Enjoy your last few days my lovely