Sunday, 2 December 2007

Brits on tour

Yesterday we went on a little visit to the Swan Valley vineyards to see how the finest vino is made. As it wasn't harvest time we didn't actually see any of the making process but they gave us a tour of the factory before we headed back to the wine bar for a little tasting of each wine on the menu!
They brought out the cheese and crackers for us too (they must know us so well!) and it was actually very interesting to learn about the different wines.

It was quite late by the time we left there so we headed to Cottesloe Beach for some traditional fish and chips by the sea - Brits on tour! Snapper is the local fish here so we all had that with chips and sat on the windy sea front. Cottesloe Beach is the one where GMTV film every year at Christmas for all the relatives living in Australia to wave to their relies at home. Neil and Pauline haven't ever done that though, charming haha. Neil assures us this year...

We headed down to Freemantle harbour in the evening to meet back up with Julie and James again and some of their relations for a drink - it is a really nice place in the evening, a good buzzing atmosphere. We went to 'Little Creatures' which is a brewery/pub and it was really funky.

This morning we had a very lazy Sunday morning starting with a lie in before we were treated to a bbq breakfast! The first for many of the girls and it was really nice. Pauline and Neil really have been very kind to us looking after us so well.

After a slow start we left to visit Hilary's Harbour which is a gorgeous little tourist place to visit. The sun was shining, we looked in a few souvenir shops and grabbed a little lunch.

After that we went to check out the markets in Fremantle but we were a little late haha, so we had an ice cream instead. That's about it so far and we are all shattered!

We told Neil he should become a photographer, what do you reckon? Only as his second job of course, being a tour guide should be his first haha! I am gonna be in trouble if he reads this during this week haha.


Anonymous said...

A barbeque for breakfast, how lovely. Im glad Neil is being a good guide ha ha. Love Susan.

Lauren said...

Hi Jen

I remember Ian going on about Cottesloe Beach and we have a fantastic photograph at home, really similar to the photo you took, but more of the hotel or restaurant thing though. Really cool to see another picture of it though!
Glad ur all having a fantastic time, really can't wait to see you all.