Wednesday, 16 December 2009

At such a busy time of year, it's always rush, rush, rush, and I thought I was organised and ahead this year! I never get to spend as much time on my Christmas cards as I would like, but from next year that will change. This year, and for as many as I can remember, I've had ample choice of Christmas cards to send out left over from magazine projects on Christmas topics - and surprisingly, it always takes me ages to work out who is receiving which card.

I read longingly about people that choose one design and make it in multiple, so that everyone receives the came design that year. This year I had half of my cards from leftover magazine articles, and the other half I made lots of the same ones from Stampin' Up designs. As I don't do magazine articles anymore, next year I promise you - one design fits all!

If you want to know where I bought this cute natural wicker heart and ribbon, plus lots of other gorgeous Christmas decorations, visit Norpar Barn here

Merry Christmas!

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Guess who bought some lovely hearts tonight? I have a rustic theme this year and a few of those hearts will be just the thing. thanks for enabling LOL xx