Sunday, 6 December 2009


I've been up and down with this blog alot lately. I like updating it with what I've been doing, but I keep coming back to the idea that I don't like my personal information 'out there' and I don't have the time to update it. I'm also not sure how many people are reading it now as I had a bit of a break from it, so the logical thing seems to be stick to craft work and that's it! So that's my plan.
I'm guilty of browsing other people's blogs, but not having time to update my own. What about you?

I don't spend anywhere near as much time looking at other's blogs as I used to, and actually because I am too busy it would frustrate me too much if I did as I would constantly want to be making when I can't! However, when I do look, it's always such lovely work.

I’ve been making my Santa list from Stampin’ Up products as I just love them so much but have no justification at all for buying more craft materials myself! I’ve been looking at Monica’s blog a lot lately as well as other stamping blogs, take a look here as she makes some wonderful projects.

Excuse the bad photo lighting for this card, but I only seem to get time to photograph my cards late at night, the night before they are due! This is a card I made recently mimicking one of Lousette's Christmas cards - see here for her original.

I've also been making other birthday cards and buying lots of nice handmade gifts today from a Christmas barn that I visited - so cute! I will share those later on. I just wish I had time to make them all myself but I couldn't resist buying them.

The tree is up - and it's nearly Christmas!

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Well sweet Jenny who's been a busy girl? I love your 30th Birthday card and just how many Christmas cards have you got ready? you put me to shame. xxx