Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December already

I was reading something today about people using direct images of other’s work (by taking them from their blogs etc) and passing it off as their own. I mean, how often do people actually do that? It’s always a bit of a hot topic and there are always strong opinions on it. I’m sure there are times when people do it knowing full well what they are doing, and I’m sure there are times when someone has accidently forgotten to say whose card it was or has forgotten where they saved the image from. But do people really pretend to have made something someone else has, to take the credit for it? I can’t see the feel-good factor in it myself, if I haven’t made it then the praise isn’t mine.

Anyway, using other people’s work for inspiration is another thing entirely and I like doing it, particularly when I am short of time and don't have time to think of something new. It’s a great way of stretching your own imagination and trying things you wouldn’t have thought of too.

So to share a couple of things that I've done, I finally continued with my Stampin' Up! Christmas cards, as I said that yonks ago, that I would. I've literally only managed to try two of the cards that Suzanne and Lousette made in the blog event, but I am persevering! The image above is a slight alternative to one of Suzanne's here (you'll need to look for the Oct 1st post as I can't get a link to it). I changed a few things i.e. the shape of the card for starters but essentially it's the same design.

I also made a few more from the old Stampin' Up! card set I had and just love, so it's always an old favourite to return to that and make a few more to build up my stocks of birthday cards. So I've added those to the Christmas cards I made from Lousette's design (in one of my previous posts). I'll share the other birthday card and new baby cards next time.

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scrappyjacky said...

These cards are lovely...great colours.....they look as if they'd be simple to make....but very effective.