Saturday, 13 November 2010

Crafty Christmas Wish List service

Hi everyone!

It’s time to tell you about my Christmas Wish List service to you! The perfect way to let your friends and family buy you presents from the Stampin’ Up! catalogue that they know you will love!

It simply works like this:

You take a longing look through the gorgeous catalogue and make yourself a wish list – if you are anything like me, that’s going to be most of what is in there! You email me your wish list as your Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and I keep hold of that. You can then pass this email onto your friends and family and they tell me how much they would like to spend on a present for you and voila! There you have it. I order the gift items and ensure you/they receive nicely coordinated items from your list, which I will wrap and send to the person who has purchased it for you, ready for Christmas. Hassle-free shopping for them, and presents to adore for you!

You can purchase the Stampin’ Up! catalogues from me for £4.95 to keep – believe me, they are well worth the investment as have such wonderful ideas in them, or I can lend you one to choose your items from.

Here’s the simple version:
1) Crafter emails me their wish list from the Stampin’ Up! catalogue

2) Crafter forwards this email to family and friends
3) Family and friends contact me via email address (or contact me for my phone number) to arrange order and discuss payment method
4) When payment has been received, I order the items, wrap them and pass them on to the buyer.

Please note payment to cover postage may be required.

It’s really that simple! Let me know if you have any questions – I will await your lovely orders,

Best wishes


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