Monday, 12 February 2007


Today is stew day, and this time I am making two huge pans full as one pan didn't last very long last time! Everyone loves my mum's stew recipe, although it isn't really a recipe as such as it's very simple, but my sister and her family are coming round, as is my lovely friend Stacey, so they can all enjoy it too.

It's been a busy weekend again and as always, it has flown by - a night out Friday night, a meal Saturday evening and cinema on Sunday - that takes us back to Monday again. I've been sorting presents for my other sister's birthday tomorrow too so it's all go - and now I really must get back to work! That didn't leave much time for crafting. I did make a quick make card but again it was a magazine commission so I can't share it - sorry. I'm hoping to put together some technique step-by-steps from old projects at some point to keep on my blog so check back for that, although I can't promise when.

I hope you all had a good weekend, the weather can only get better!

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