Friday, 30 November 2007


Oh wow, today I did one of my dreams - I swam with wild dolphins! And not just swam with them anywhere, but out in the ocean, and it was amazing.

We took a tour to Rockingham (our last shocking 6am start of the holiday as only a week til we are home - gulp!) and boarded a boat in the cold and windy weather. I was a bit grumpy not being at my very best at that time, you understand, but once we swam with them it was totally worth it.

We were given wetsuits and snorkels again and had to get ready before we left as once they spot the dolphins, it is straight in the water in groups to swim with them. We weren't actually allowed to swim as such though as it disturbs them so we all had to wear belts and hold on in a line to each others belt with one hand, while our instructor leads with a scooter (motorised yellow machine that moves us).

One instructor would swim down and guide them but they do not feed them and we werent allowed to touch them. It was just breathtaking and they made lots of noises as they swam about. On our final spot of the day we swam amongst a group of about ten of them, and it was just awesome.

This sounds funny but as we have done so many tours I didnt think too much about today. Not until we had these breathtaking moments at the end did I suddenly realise, this is something I have always wanted to do and just done it! And to swim with them in the wild rather than an enclosure was just so much better. A highlight definitely!

These are photos that James (Julie's boyfriend) took as he brought an underwater camera. Unfortunately he was quite sick during the day but somehow he managed to take some stunning photos anyway!


Mr Norford said...

Thought id let you know i'm reading the blog! x

Anonymous said...

Im glad you fulfilled one of your dreams. It sounded impressive. Love susan.

Anonymous said...

Jen, that looks absolutely amazing. I would love to do something like that but I am not a very good swimmer. I am so proud of you girls, you have really embraced everything - well except Katie and the snake! Love you lots.
Sue G.

Anonymous said...

WOW How amazing, I would love to do something like that and Im sure Tia and Callum would too (actually they might get scared???)

Tracey x

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks absolutely amazing and wonderful that you managed to do it as i dont suppose you will ever do it again. fantastic and so glad you have done it.
the next thing to do i suppose is to feed a lion in the wild or something similiar. Ha! Ha!

You should have plenty to scrapbook when you get back with all those pictures.

Have a great time with all your wino girls, sounds like I shall have to get a crate of wine in for whern you all get back.

to all

Anonymous said...

Swimming with dolphins in the ocean sounds amazing jen! Am so glad you've done so much and things you've dreamed of!
I've always wanted to do that, you will have to give me a full account when you get home!! Nic xxx

Rach said...

Fab pics! Well done James!

Looks like an incredible experience