Monday, 15 March 2010

Delicate wings and love birds

I first saw this card in the craft shop, 'Imagine That' and so I used it for a Mother's Day card which someone asked me to make. I did add some text to this card but I had taken the photograph before hand. It's a cute little Martha Stewart butterly punch with pearls in the centre. The pastel colours really add to the delicate feel of the card and the butterfly wings are pulled outwards.
We had an engagement in the family so I also rustled up this pink and red card using my Stampin' Up! new set of love stamps, the birds are cute, aren't they?

and it's nice to know my creativeness rubs off on my 11 year old niece (above) and my six year old niece (below). Good starts for both of them

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This post is full of creativity, I love your cards my fave is the pink one although I do like those flutters as well. But how lovely to be crafting with your niece she did a great job. Hugs xxx