Sunday, 21 March 2010

A tidy space makes a happy crafter

Welcome to my tidy craft space. How often do you tidy yours? Mine seems to forever get 'bunged up', and that's without crafting, just day to day. It feels really good when I do get to have a good spring clean though, no more rubbish on the floor (except for a few plastic storage containers). I'm trying to whittle my craft stash down to just what is contained here, as I now only craft for a hobby. I've not been too successful yet though as I've got other things all over the place!
Ebay here I come! Today is free listing too so i'm using it as a great opportunity to try to put as much on there as I can. It's a shame though as its gorgeous sunshine today so I wish we were out enjoying that instead.

Shimelle has a cute freebie download on her blog today, for those of you that like downloads - I came across it earlier while having a little browse around some blogs today. See here

And lastly - does anyone have any ideas for some wedding invitations? It's for a family member but I have a very vague brief of neutrals/silver, and simple/classic! Any suggestions or links for me? They would be much appreciated!

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