Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How to use a Stamp-a-majig

So have you ever wondered how to position your stamps so perfectly in line like everyone else manages?

As I've said before, I was not a keen stamper until I discovered Stampin' Up!. In fact, I really didn't like it much at all - it was far too messy and fiddly for a 'stick n go' girl like me! Then I discovered Stampin' Up and fell in love. Only there are alot of tricks of the trade and you only learn those over time - including me. That's when I discovered how to stamp straight and in line using a 'stamp-a-majig' - here is a step by step guide of one of my recent cardmaking efforts, including using one of these amazing little discoveries (stamp-a-majig).

I'm using my 'Sweet Summer' (FREE) stamp set that you can earn free just as I did, and I've stamped with Chocolate Chip ink onto Whisper White card. This card is so lovely and crisp and clear compared to other white card, I love it. So I stamped the buds of my flower, then I needed to add the stalk, so that it lined up perfectly. How many times have you stamped a greeting and it's wonky?! Grrr, so annoying!

So to line your stamping up PERFECTLY every time - you push the plastic sheet up so that it sits in the corner presented by the black handle. Once there, ink your stamp and also place that in the corner of the black handle, and press down to stamp onto the plastic. This will help you to position your stamp next.

You will see it on the sheet - place the sheet onto your card where you want to stamp next (with the ink upwards) and hold it in place, so that you can then position the black handle by the corner of the plastic sheet. When you have it where you want, take away the plastic sheet, leaving the black handle in place, and again place the stamp in the corner of the handle and push down. When you take it away your stamp should be exactly where you positioned it with the sheet! Does that make sense? I didn't even know this gadget existed until I got really annoyed with my 'Trendy Trees' set as I couldn't get them to line up!

Next I used my marker pens to colour in my image, choosing which bits to leave blank.

Then again, I stamped onto my plastic sheet as above with a greetings stamp that I wanted to add, lined up the black handle, removed the plastic sheet and stamped down again (always reinking my stamp of course before the second stamp).

Perfect positioning!

I used a paper piercing tool to make holes in my strip of green card and then I attached the white stamped images and strip to a pink card blank.

To insert my ribbon I cut a slit in the spine of my card, threaded some ribbon through and tied it.

A simple glue dot on the back of a button, and placed into the centre of the flower and I was done.
If you have any questions on how to use a stamp-a-majig (or any others) leave me a comment and I'll respond. You can buy them through me from the Stampin' Up! catalogue if you realise now that you desperately need one like I did!

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