Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Quick and easy mini canvas

A cute mini canvas (when I say mini, I mean 4" square!) was just perfect for making a quick dedication gift and I'm pleased to say it was very gratefully received! Handmade gifts are just the strangest things sometimes aren't they, some people love them, some people just don't "get" them - but thankfully, the people who received these loved them, so brownie points to us.

The mini canvas hangs on wide pale blue Stampin' Up ribbon and the canvas itself has been painted cream, with a brown spotty background stamped with another SU stamp, and then a blue decorative edge cut and then all inked in brown. I love a bit of inking! The phrase is also a SU stamp. How come the designing of things takes forever, but once made, you could easily create a second one of the same in about 30 minutes?!?

I made this dedication card to match the other gifts, and they all looked very cute together. Unfortunately the last photograph of the candle doesn't look that great - note to self, I must stop taking photographs indoors and at night! But its the only time I get.

Does anyone have any good tips for me on photographing in bad lighting inside? I'm not bad as far as photography goes, I've picked up alot of hints and have taken some really good photographs, but only outside. I haven't learnt the master tips for inside photography yet.



Aww Jen that's the cutest thing, you've inspired me to try a canvas myself, with my nephews new born pictures. Love the matching dedication card. hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

"tips for photographing indoors in bad light" - my only tip is take the photo whichever way you can but make sure there is something in it that you know is white. Then upload it to, select "colours" and use their "neutral picker" to sort out the colour balance, when the white looks white, then the other colours are a lot closer to what they should be.
I've used it on several photos of mine on my blog like this one
Lets just say the original photo was a typical indoor shot, but I was able to save it because I had white sashing in the quilt.