Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Other's designs

Is there ever such a thing as a tidy craft space when there is work in progress? I don't think so.

This was my area last week when I finally returned to my Stampin' Up! projects, weeks after our last blog challenge. I have been ridiculously busy lately and so I only managed to return to it a week ago, but then it's taken me the whole week to post this. Madness.

So with Christmas cards in mind, I decided to stamp some images in bulk, with a view of making lots of cards in one day. Only with the help of my two nieces, I didn't quite get as many made as I planned...

Trying other people's designs is something some people are shy of, or feel bad about, but I think its a great way of expanding your own styles and pushing yourself in areas that you wouldn't usually, so I recommend it. I wanted to have a play at making the cards both Lousette and Suzanne both created in the blog challenge, so here is the first of Lousette's designs, chosen as my first because I loved the way that the ribbon was folded and layered. I also loved this swirl stamp when I used it on white paper so I was naturally drawn to this design of Suzanne's.
I began some more of the other designs, but only got half way through them so when I am back to them again, I will share them. Five Christmas cards done, only about another 30 to go...

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Totally Rawkin Designs said...

Great looking cards...good luck on getting the rest done.