Thursday, 28 July 2011

Baby Sock Cupcakes!

I went to a babyshower last weekend and I was looking for something new to make - we always like to be creative with our gifts and I wanted to do something new.

Another friend of mine gave me the idea of cupcakes made out of baby socks - she had seen these in the shops and made some herself thanks to tutorials on you tube. So I set about doing the same!

The only problem is - it is nearly impossible to find neutral coloured socks other than white! I really needed some colour for this to work, and finally managed to find some green and yellow socks in Debenhams. I luckily had green and yellow spotted cupcakes to match - perfect!

There are a few different ways of doing these, and you can do them with things other than socks too, but here is the video on you tube which I watched to learn how to do it:

Have a go - these are really fun!

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