Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Selling crafty bits on ebay

I am selling a few crafty bits, along with some other items, on ebay this week. If you are interested in the following you can click on the links... hoping to shift lots more this way too it's just time consuming!

Animal themed papers and embellishments: here

A pack of 50 Artist Trading Cards - blank, assorted colours - here

A blank 12x12 thin boxed canvas - I have about eight of these to sell if anyone wants them for a class etc! here

A souvenir biscuit tin (not craft related, I know!) here

A brand new Dulwich Designs jewellery box - here

A new Marks and Spencers glass photoframe - here

And... a high backed fireside chair! Here

There are some other bits but they aren't crafty either so I won't share!

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