Monday, 10 May 2010

A creative weekend

I've just returned home from a girlie weekend away at Center Parcs, and what a creative weekend we had. It was for a birthday celebration so we decided to plan a few activities of our own that would be fun but relatively inexpensive.

One of these activities was a cardmaking session led by me, so I took the opportunity to use my Stampin' Up supplies and teach a card or two. They were all relatively new to cardmaking and were very excited by their creations by the end of the session. That's what we like to see!

Some were not even sure they could part with their creations, now that's dedication for you!

These are the finished articles which I have to say I was very impressed with, and think they are all lovely! I better not say which is my favourite as they might be checking my blog out later ;o)
We moved onto another activity of cupcake decorating which seems to be very fashionable at the moment. It was good fun and everyone had a turn at piping and decorating with pretty sprinkles and such like.

We managed to fit in a pampering session amongst all of this, as well as yummy food, a girly film and a few drinks so all in all, a very creative and fun weekend.

I even managed to fit in making a few extra cards myself while the others were playing, so I'll share those another day. Very simple but classic designs to follow...

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Oh What FUN!! from calorie free cuppies to yummy ones. Love CP with crafty friends my next one is October and cannot wait. hugs xx