Friday, 21 May 2010

New buys

I had a £25 voucher to spend in Artbase which i've had for ages, and I never quite seem to make it over. And since having a big craft clear out, I'm trying to get rid of my craft materials rather than accumulate, so it was a bad idea for me to visit Artbase! Look what happened...

However, I decided it was time to use the voucher as I needed to buy a few little pieces for the wedding invitations I am making. Much to my delight, I discovered a few of Paula's new stamps in there! I've loved looking at Paula's work using her new stamps, and it sounds like they might be in demand at the moment, so I was thrilled to be able to get some, especially as I could use voucher so I wasn't out of pocket. With so many lovely designs that Paula shows, I should be able to make some cards with these easily!

I was actually very good and bought a selection of card to add to my collection, some of Paula's stamps and some Papermania sparkly accessories. I nearly forgot what I went in for though, and had to go back in!


Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Oh Wow Jenny - a super haul - you were lucky getting the square stamps by Paula, I tried to get them and they are sold out everywhere - you will be able to make some great things with these items and I can't wait to see them :0) Michelle

Hunters Moon said...

That's a fab haul :0) I love the stamps you have picked up and sparkly bits. I did that the other week I went into the local craft shop armed with a list got to the till and realised I only had one thing off the list in my basket :0)

Looking forward to seeing what you create with them :0)