Friday, 7 May 2010


Just a quick card - in the classic, clean style that I am always drawn back to time and again. An Autumn Leaves stamp with a few buttons, decorative edge, flower and brad. I'll be back next with some 'thank you teacher' cards as it's getting to that time of year!

I never thought I'd be 'into' stamping like many others always were, it was always too messy and too fiddly for me! Until, of course, I discovered Stampin' Up! I'm not associated with them in any way but I am becoming more and more sucked into the world of SU. I have always admired their products, mainly when I used to see the advertisements in US cardmaking magazines, but always from afar. Now, I love their products so much and they are so easy to use as they have colours that match in everything from inks to card, that I'm wondering whether it would make perfect sense to become an SU demonstrator! Online classes, workshops, there are lots of possibilities. Just how viable would I be able to make it? I presume those of you that are already doing it, love it so should I or I shouldn't I, that is the question...


Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

This is lovely, so elegant - if u decide to become an SU demonstrator I wish you good luck and success with it - Michelle

Hunters Moon said...

The card is lovely I like the classic look of it and the colours you have used work wonderfully together.

Bekka said...

Jenny I LOVE being a demo and its one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

It is not however for everyone :-)

If you would like to talk about it some I suggest you talk to you demo (is it the lovely Monica?) or if you want to talk to someone else too let me know (

Good luck deciding!