Thursday, 13 May 2010


You can take inspiration for crafts from anywhere around you, if you look for it. Often when you don't look for it, it just pops up too. A few weeks ago we had a lovely week away in Cornwall, we chose the best week to go away in the UK as flights abroad were cancelled and we had simply stunning weather, gorgeous sunshine the whole week through.

We stayed in a fantastic apartment by the sea, in a bay which was the next along in St. Ives. If only you could guarantee such good weather, I'd holiday in the UK all the time. It was so beautiful.
St. Ives is famous for it's galleries and along with that, come some beautiful little craft and gift shops - just my kind of place! These photoographs do not do the handcrafted items justice, but I loved this shop. Full of beautifully decorated items, handcrafted, but of course the price tags were huge! It meant I did not buy anything, but the battle between what money you can afford so spend on a unique items vs how much time and energy it takes the creator continues. Make things for yourself - it's the only answer! (Unless you are lucky enough to have lots of money to spare of course).

I loved this wooden cabinet. Perhaps minus the seagulls on the top! We did have an episode (actually, two!) where we were attacked firstly for a cornish pasty, the seagull lost much to my amusement, then the second time for my ice cream - and as the seagull won, this was not nearly as funny!

Our apartment was gorgeous, with a lovely sea view. If you'd like the link for the accommodation, just let me know by comment on here or email.

How pretty is St. Ives?

We visited some National Trust areas too, which were just amazing, like this view of a secluded bay that you can only reach by boat, where the seals laze around. We hired bikes for a day and ended up taking a 17 mile bike ride, kind of by accident! That was tough. But we also enjoyed picnics on the beach, pitch n putt and various other activities. Highly recommend Cornwall in good weather!

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Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Gorgeous pictures and I really loved the little rabbits and furniture - I would have bought them! Michelle