Monday, 17 May 2010

Flower pot or present?

There is much confusion over this stamp whenever I use it, some people thinking it's a flower pot, other's realising it's a present! I love this patterned paper and have wanted to use it for a long time, and also this 'A taste of India' ribbon.
But I have a question - what's your most proven method for sharpening your punches? My scalloped punch is blunt as anything now, I've tried punching through foil but that's not worked and I haven't had a chance to look up any other methods since.
Any suggestions more than welcome!


Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

They're gorgeous cards - they definately look like presents to me. The paper is lovely too. I'm sorry but I wouldn't know how to sharpen a punch as I would have done the same as you and punch through foil. Michelle


I love these cards Jen. I find the best thing for punches is a carefully opened can of coke, punch through a few times for a super sharp result. It works like a dream on my SU punches not sure if your will go through but is worth a try. Hugs xxx