Thursday, 8 November 2007

A bumpy ride

So we headed off onto Fraser Island for a two day four wheel drive around the island - the world's largest sand island apparently for those that care! No phone signal or internet haha, we coped just about. It is a lovely island but sadly apart from the first morning we just had rain, rain, rain - what's that about?!? We didn't pay to come here for rain, we could of stayed at home for that! But we had a lovely sunny morning by a lake so that was gorgeous.

We got a ferry over to the island then we drove along the coast for the first day, stopping at different points. Lots of jelly fish everywhere! You aren't allowed to swim in the ocean here as there are sharks, so just in the lakes. It was such a bumpy ride for the two days, it felt like the bus was going to tip over half of the time!

We stopped at Lake Wabby which was just stunning, and about a 40 min trek in from the coast. It was so nice to have the sun at this point and go for a good swim in the warm water. Lots of the guys were mucking away running right from the top of the sand dunes, pelting into the water. Crazy!
But stunning. Then we did a walk up 'Indian Head' which also had stunning views, though it was raining by now. We stopped at some other various points too. Our accomodation for the night was really quite nice actually. Some of the girls saw a dingo (like wild dogs) on their way to bed (we had different rooms) and remembering what the instructor said about standing still, staring them in the eye and staying calm, Deb and Kate bolted for the bedroom like lightning! good job they got there before the dingo decided he was interested in chasing them!

Our next stop was a walk through Eli Creek, in the rain, did I already mention that it was raining?!? Us five with our waterproof jackets on was not the sort of look we were aiming for haha.
Wet? Bothered. We walked through the creek anyway and it was good fun, it wasn't that cold actually and we had quite a laugh, until someone said snake and Katie wanted to bolt!!! Oh, then Derek, or Derk, (we aren't quite sure!) the German guy in our group dropped his camera directly into the water - ouch!! Julie and I just stared at each other in disbelief. I think I would have cried if that was me.

We slept well that night and after lots of nice buffet foods and more rain, rain, rain, we started a little walk through the rainforest (bit like the jungle in Thailand Nic - you would have loved it!!).

I think we are making our own amusement though and we have lots of funny characters on our bus. Not our guide though, I think the girls are going to smack him one any day soon! On our walk we stopped to try the fresh drinking water, it was very sweet actually. No I'm not blowing a kiss here or washing my face - I am actually trying to drink while the girls got a picture haha!

Next stop was an early lunch as it was raining, er, we really weren't hungry at 11am! But still, then onto the most beautiful lake, Wanggoolba. It was such a shame it wasn't sunny as it was beautiful even in the rain. Some of the group went for a swim anyway but it was a bit too cold for me. Stunning colours of the water though.

Then eventually we returned back to where we stayed the other night, on the coast of Rainbow Beach. We have been taking such funny and random photos but they are usually on everyone else's cameras so wont post too many. You can probably see half of them on facebook though. Tomorrow we are off at 6am for sea kayaking - should be amusing. In the rain most likely! Then we move off from here. Oh and we saw a dolphin today - well, the fin anyway!
I'm having a great time and it is so different being away with most of the girls on a long trip like this. Though I was very sad to hear that Great Uncle Alf passed away the other day. He had been very poorly but it is really sad, especially that I was not at home. But we had spent a lot of good time together so that is what counts.
More photos and stories to come soon, lots of love to everyone and I will reply to my email soon too.


Anonymous said...

Hey jen sounds like your havin a brill time some of your pics are amazin!! hope it gets sunny soon for you. You're def all keeping me entertained in my lunch at work with your stories.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

what lovely places you are visiting, shame about the rain but it all lokks lovely stil.susan.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I am so glad you take the time to keep this blog updated, you put the others to shame..Not all of us have access to face book because we are too old and therefore can't see their photos! So thank you for being so faithful.Your photos are amazing.
Guess who!

Anonymous said...

Haha, it does look very much like thailand!!! No ants in the bed this time then??? lol

You do look/sound like you're having a great time and your pics really are amazing. I'm loving reading your blog and keeping up to date with all your doing, i just wish i was out there too! take car hun. Nic xxx