Saturday, 3 November 2007

Oh, happy day!

We went out to a karaoke pub yesterday with David, the friend of Katie and Grahams who we met up with at the start of the week. It was such an old mans pub, but pretty funny. Oh the way home we had a right giggle singing choir songs and mucking about with our matching white and black cardigans - two of each made fantastic nun outfits! Don't you think it suits Katie???

We hadn't done much in the day yesterday as it was raining so we didn't go for the organised walk to Bondi beach as we had planned. Just went for a walk around some of the city that we hadnt seen before and Stace rested in bed as she was really poorly. She is feeling much better today though!

This morning we got the bus over to Kings Cross area of Sydney to meet Stacey's friend for breakfast in a very hip and trendy eaterie, check us out getting with the locals. It was gorgeous food and drink! Then we had a bit of a wander and came back to the hostel to get ready for our next adventure of the evening...

Climbing Sydney harbour bridge! It was really good fun but nowhere near as daunting or scary as I thought, it was quite a timid walk really. The weather brightened up for us too which was great, shame we look awful in our photo but we got it anyway haha, will post it sometime soon. See the ant like creatures walking over the bridge? Thats what we did today!

Off up the east coast early tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

That photo of Katie is well funny, she could so be a nun!
Wish you well Stacey x
Love Tracey x

Anonymous said...

Did you know Katie's favourite film is the Sound of Music - she knows all the songs and all the dialogue too. In fact, after seeing that photo, I am sure she thinks she is Julie Andrews! Did she sing 'Climb every mountain' when you were up the Blueblacks or was it 'My favourite things' when it was raining? From 'Number one fan'. xx

Rach said...

haha miss G a new career beckons!! loving the nun's habit.


Anonymous said...

Hope the weather improves. You still seem to manage a few different places to visit. Wishing Stacey better, send my love. Susan.