Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Sea Kayaking at Rainbow Beach

On the morning that we returned from Fraser Island we went sea kayaking - we were due to go before Fraser Island but had to split our group into two and as it was raining, we volunteered to wait! We were glad we did too as it was lovely and sunny on our morning, even if it did mean up at 6am for it!

We were supposed to be spotting dolphins too but as it is near the end of the right time of year we didn't see any, though kayaking was great fun so it didn't matter. We paddled right out and then drifted for a while looking, then got off at a little sand island for a bit. Paddling was fine - Stace and I shared a boat, but getting out wasn't quite so easy... as we went up onto the sand bank I started to get out and a big wave came along and knocked me sideways straight into the sea! Up to my waist anyway. Kate and Deb thought it was hilarious and so did I, but then as we were finishing kayaking their boat turned sideways and completely knocked them out into the sea and turned their boat upside down! We did laugh. As we are with most of the things we are doing - we are all having a great time!

After kayaking we set off on our long bus ride (they get so boring we just sleep and listen to our ipods!) and we stopped at a small little town for lunch. That's one of the great things about these tours is that they take you via places you wouldn't usually see - I mean, this town looks like it is something out of a time warp doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

That town looks well cute.