Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Jungle Surfing!

We have had... guess what... a fair bit of rain since we arrived in Port Douglas! But it is a pretty little town with a nice marina, cute little church and lovely seafood restaurants. And I can't remember if I said before but we were reunited with Wendy, our Canadian friend we met in Sydney, and she is doing Ayers Rock with us too. Not to mention lots of shops here for the girls to blow their budgets in!

The first full day we spent here (yesterday) was raining alot on and off and we just chilled around, popped to the shops, went out for a smoothie etc - as you do living the life of travelling, eh! The hostel is ok, a little quirky but fine, as long as you don't really want to cook in the kitchen along with the minute ants that lurk around... We did cook the first night when we got here but last night we went out for a nice chinese meal, yum yum.

So today we decided we should do something with our time since we are no longer on an organised tour, and because the weather was too windy for our Great Barrier Reef snorkelling trip, we decided to try Jungle Surfing!

This is me!!! Zip sliding.

This meant we had to hire a car for the day at the last minute (thanks to Deb and Kate for sharing the driving), and as Stace and Wendy (our Canadian friend who we met in Sydney) didn't fancy it, they stayed in Port Douglas for the day. So we took a little road trip up to Cape Tribulation...

It was great fun! Only not long enough if you ask me, though Julie begged to differ. We had five different zip slides to go between among the trees, and we did this up at Cape Tribulation.

(Kate and Debs here)

We donned some helmets and attractive harneses (spelt right?!?) and set off zipping among the slides. You had to sit down then slide yourself off of the edge which was the scariest part if you asked me, I loved sliding along the tree tops. Julie thinks I am mad though. (Next one is Julie)

The first one was preparation, the second and third we did as pairs, sliding along together, the fourth was alone and a fast one and then the final one was upside down! We had to wrap our legs around the top and hang, it was so cool. This one is me...As you can see I have finally worked out that you can change the quality of the videos on my camera to really low, that doesnt help with my surprise videos as they are too huge to upload but it does mean if I record future ones on low quality I can share them here. This might not look quite as high or scary as it was, but just think the video doesn't do it justice...


Anonymous said...

oh wo that looks so much fun an Jen i love the video. Susan.

Anonymous said...

Just like 'I'm a celebrity'! Jen you're a star. Sue G x

Anonymous said...

Your jungle antics look well cool! Lots of fun! I love you dress too! Nic xx