Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Kroombit Cattle Station - Day One

Well soooo much to tell about these couple of days that we spent at Kroombit Cattle Station, it was such an amusing couple of days I can't really explain it to do it justice! It is a working cattle farm so it was really good to be a part of something authentic rather than just put on for tourists, although there is of course an element of that still.

We arrived on Friday night to find out that Friday night is.... cross dressing party night! I'm not sure what we thought about that idea first of all but we were given a couple of big boxes of clothes to dig into, and everyone got into the spirit of it! We laughed so much, it was just hilarious.

We had dinner cooked on their camp fire of soup and then roasted meat with vegetables etc, that was nice. Then they have their little make-shift bar which was just funny to have drinks with.

This second one is Jen and Heather, two Canadian girls on our bus. And Michael, our German friend, who is just absolutely hilarious and great fun to have on the bus.

We were given the chance to learn how to 'crack the whip' which is alot harder than it looks. You can throw it up and down to hit the floor quite easily but to make it crack is not so easy to do! We all had a good go though and got ourselves on the arm a couple of times, and I managed to make it almost crack once haha. The goggles slightly ruin the look though, don' t you think?

You haven't heard the best though - the funniest part of the night was by far the mechanical bull!!! We could not stop laughing, so much til our stomachs hurt. We have video'd some of our attempts at getting on and riding this bull and you will have to see them when we are home as they are just hysterical. We keep watching them on the bus and laughing out loud!
Katie was by far the most entertaining of the night! Being used to riding horses, and seeing how everyone else was struggling even get on the bull, she lunged herself up onto it but was perhaps a little over ambitious in her judgement, flopped right over the other side, hung there for about five seconds trying to decide mid air whether she could claw her dignity back and oopps - no! There she goes, straight over the other side onto the landing mat! I was almost wetting myself with laughter and she couldn't get up for her giggling. (*photos will follow). I think we have a video of that, you must see it if you want a giggle. I think Deb managed to stay on til her second buck, the others all came off on the first buck and I somehow managed to stay on til my fifth buck! It was so funny as everyone just wets themselves laughing at you but it was so entertaining.

The rest of the stories will follow on... we are off sailing around the Whitsunday islands now for three days (though it is actually raining right now!)



Anonymous said...

cant wait to see all the funny videos, we will be laughing for a long time. I love the photo of you on the bull and of you and Stacey all dressed up on the friday night.

Lauren said...

hi, loved these stories, they're so funny! Just read the girls blog but I knew you'd have a few photos on yours! Would love to see the video of Kate, how funny is that!!

Thought your cross dressing outfits were great, especially yours Jen!


Rach said...

Quality - loving your outfits! Jen yours is hysterical you are really working that stripy shirt!!

Anonymous said...

Oh im laughing at it already jen, i can't wait to see the video's, they will keep me giggling for ages you know what im like!!! It sounds like you're having so much fun....keep the stories coming, i love it! lol Nic xx

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Sue G

Rach said...

PS Your UK clock is an hour out - we went back a few weeks ago :o)

Jenny said...

Yea I know Rach but I cant be bothered to change it while out here!