Sunday, 18 November 2007

Further up the East Coast...

Leaving Airlie Beach where we sailed from, we moved onto Magnetic Island, which is what you can see in the distance here. It was really nice and we had a hostel directly on the beach front, we only wished we had more than just one night here as we didn't arrive until late and then left first thing in the morning to head up to Cairns.

We visited a crocodile farm on our way up to Cairns, our last day with our bus too which was very sad. They were huge!!! We got to hold the baby ones, but their mouths were secured closed haha, thankfully. There was also a snake which you could hold, I didn't bother going for that one but the stupid guide did decide to chase Katie with it, even though she has a real bad phobia of them, and chased her right onto our bus so that she was trapped, it was awful. Stupid, stupid man! She is ok now though.

Then it was off to finish our drive to Cairns and a last night out with our bus - we are really going to miss them, we had some great characters! We had a night out at Woolsheds for those that know it to say goodbye to everyone and it felt really strange. We got to wash dry and straighten our hair too - wahoo!
There was of course a bit of dancing on the tables from the girls, which was encouraged at this place I might add. We checked out the following morning and made our way up to Port Douglas on a shuttle bus yesterday as it is supposed to be much nicer up here for snorkelling and seeing the Great Barrier Reef than back at Cairns. It was very humid so we just had a little walk around and some lunch and then the rain came down and the floods went whoosh!!! Seriously, such a heavy downpour that I would have video'd it if the thing would load on here! This is where we are now staying for four days to do our Great Barrier Reef trip etc...

Parrot Fish Lodge

It has rained on and off so badly since we got here, I am not joking when I say it rained. There is apparently a two-headed or two-eyed cyclone out at sea which is causing the bad weather. Hmmm. We don't like. We are hoping it will clear up but it is because we are not sure if we will get to do our snorkelling trip to the Great Barrier Reef yet - fingers crossed!

Are you missing us all? Paige, Tia, Callum and Anya - I hope school is going well and you are looking after everyone for me! Lots of love.

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Anonymous said...

You all look so nice in the photo, this travelling is certainly agreeing with you. Not sure about the crocodile Jen! Sue G x