Friday, 9 November 2007

Oh no!

Oh no! Deb lost her anorak. But haha that wasn't what I meant. We are off to a cattle farm today - yee ha! How funny, but oh no as we just found out we probably wont have internet for five days!!! What are a group of girls to do. Hopefully we will have phone signal to text at least! Just when we took a wicked picture of the fittest surf dude ever this morning too, our guide for sea kayaking. That was fun - will post soon - well in about five days so will be a long one!

I love all your comments too so keep them up, they are great reading. Sue G I am guessing that last one was from you, Stace said she was doing well updating it this last week too haha. I am just used to updating it as I did it at home for my craft work anyway. Hol Stace is next to me and is good too!

And we have amazing sunshine today too - just in time for kayaking, yea! Dad - lots of love.



Anonymous said...

i cant believe i wont have anything to read for five days. nore texting then. love susan.

Anonymous said...

5 whole days thats ages!!! I loved getting your text last night about the gorgeous surf dude!! Am very jealous, you have to take lots of pics!! Nic xxx