Monday, 5 November 2007

Riding the waves

As promised, here is the photo that we got of us climbing Sydney harbour bridge. It already seems a long time ago and it is just a photo of a photo so sorry it is blurry, although we aren't looking too hot so we kinda like the fact you can't see it properly haha!

It was a long day Sunday sitting on our bus all day, with a funny driver named Simo. I think he forgets that he had already told us things though and is repeating everything at least five times. Enough already!!! But it was straight up to Arrawarra for us to Surf Camp, possibly one of my favourite, funniest moments of the trip so far. Can you imagine us five trying to surf?!? And distracted by lots of blonde surfers with nice bodies haha.

But before we surfed, we had the actual camp to entertain us. We arrived and had these hilarious little "log cabins' - well oh my goodness, we have not giggled so much in ages looking at the beds and working out who would sleep where, I mean, were all these beds made just for mice?!?! Seeing Julie try to clamber up this little ladder onto the top top bunk had me in hysterics, and them too. Ever seen a triple bunk before? This was the practice run before any alcohol!

Then we were called for our camp dinner which was yummy fahitas, maybe they knew we were coming! The sky was really lovely at dinner time too (this one's for you Dave Poole!).

And then we had a sit round the camp fire getting to know our bus. The fire then moved to the beach and we sat there for a long time, while one of the surf dude instructions whipped out his guitar and sang songs. Except only the first song was a real song, the rest he made up - including a song dedicated to Stace, Julie and me! Was so funny that I videod some of it, but probably a good job I can't upload the videos to here as it wasn't too appropriate haha.

So a bang on the door at 6.30am, after a wonderful nights sleep in the beds made for mice, and there we were back eating our breakfast. Then onto the delights of slipping into those snug, clean and flattering wetsuits of ours! how we laughed. We were all really looking forward to surfing though and after a little bit of theory and practice on the sand we headed into the water.

Well we all managed to stand up! (Except Julie, but we won't go there, eh Jules!). She much prefers skiing... I, on the other hand, am thinking I'm more of a surfer than a skiier - except at least in skiing you don't get wacked over the head with a ten tonne board every few minutes!!!

I loved it. I think we all did. But boy, did I get battered by the ocean. Or was it the board? The instructor helped us to get our balance as some of the waves came, other times we did it by ourselves, and we managed to stand up, it was so much fun. But the waves got stronger and higher as the morning wore on (nothing to do with us getting more tired either!) so it took so much energy to get out there past the big waves just to ride one back that it was exhausting. I got battered on the head (did I already say that?!? Surely not!) quite a few times by my board and scratched my face on it too plus Katie really hurt her finger and Deb hurt her foot but we all really enjoyed it. For more piccies see the girls blog as they are large files ( or Julie's -

So then it was back on the bus and we have headed up the coast to Brisbane, via Byron Bay. Stopped at a lighthouse on the way, nice but not so thrilling, so now just catching up on our only night here before we head off for another early start tomorrow morning. Sea kayaking I think it is we do next! Look our ocean. (oh here is a piccy of the view from the lighthouse - just for you Dad!)

Til next time,


(Susan - was that enough to keep your fix going? haha)

(PS Sue G - Katie was singing with her nun outfit on, I dont think it was one of those songs but I'm sure she would love to star in the sing along show!)


Rach said...

I LOVE the surfing pics how funny!

Jules how did you get on in that bed - knowing how the seasaw beds traumatised you at Caister I should imagine you were hating it :o)

Fab update Jen and wicked pics

Big hugs

Anonymous said...

That sure was enough for my fix and i love the photo of yo on the suft board, how funny. It looked amazing.

Lauren said...

I love the photo of the 3 tiered bunk beds! Hilarious!!