Sunday, 18 November 2007

Carnarvon Gorge - National Park

We moved on from the cattle station onto Carnarvon Gorge National Park for a couple of nights, where we stayed in canvas cabins and experienced the camping atmosphere - including kookaburra's waking us up at unearthly hours with their noises! Kangeroos run around wild here so it is quite strange to come out of the shower block to find a kangeroo munching away on grass right in front of you.

Julie got quite taken by the wildlife, think this must be your influence James. We refrain from commenting on that haha. We arrived late in the evening and we joined another Oz experience bus, as it was our turn to cook for everyone tonight with the favour returned the next night. Well I say our turn to cook, but it was supposed to be Simo our bus driver but when some of the girls went to see if he needed help he hadn't even started! Stace and Julie ended up taking over and organising it all, goodness knows what time we would have eaten otherwise!

We had an absolutely hysterical moment when this blimmin' great big stick insect decided to join us for tea!!! First of all it landed on Heather on the back of her head, and it was huge so she started freaking out trying to get it off. She knocked it straight onto Stacey's hip but as she was so engrossed in sorting out dinner she had absolutely no idea so there I was whacking away at Stacey's hip and she just let me do it, taking no notice at all! Eventually she realised it was there and did a hop skip and a jump around the gas rings to get this thing off, only to flip it straight onto my bag!!! For some reason I didn't freak like I usually would so after we got the silly thing off someone else knocked it onto the bbq. oops a daisy. The next morning it was still on the floor alive, but I think it might have had slightly burnt feet!

After a night of sleep (and a little snoring!) we set out for a 15k walk. Thankfully the weather had cooled down and it was just right for our trek. We had lots of creek crossings, this photo here is of us English Roses with our little German Sausage, Michael. We saw a snake along the way, Katie was none too impressed but Julie just wanted to get closer and closer to get some good photos for James. I don't know if she had selective hearing when Simo said this WAS a deadly snake! We saw some Aboriginal Art, a Moss Garden and the amphitheatre cave which was all fun. That was about it and another night of 'Kookaburra six in the old gum tree...' sleep before we headed off on the next leg the following morning.


Anonymous said...

love the look of the creeks.susan

Anonymous said...

oooh, i would have been freaking at the insects!!! That green thing is huge!! lol lol I cant believe how much you're managing to fit into 24hours!! NIc xx